Please allow 5-7 business days for your order to ship!

What is your wholesale policy?
We have a very simple wholesale policy for both domestic and international wholesalers. Check out our wholesale for more information.

Can you cancel my order?
We are unable to cancel orders once they have been sent to our warehouse for fulfillment. please contact customer service by email at to see if your order is eligible for cancelation.

Are you on Faire?
We are on Faire in select areas. Visit our Faire to find out if you're area is on Faire.

How do you pronounce Musee?
Mu ( Rhymes with YOU and) and See (Like “see” with your eyes!)

Do you have order minimums for wholesale?
We do! We require that opening orders are $300 and reorders are $100.

Can I sell my items online?
If you have a store website and carry Musee, you are able to sell only on your platform. All other public marketplaces such as Amazon,, Ebay.. etc. are prohibited. No wholesale account can sell Musee through an unauthorized platform. If you are found doing so, we have the right to terminate your wholesale account. 

Do you accept returns? 
All sales are final…. No returns will be accepted. Customer may apply for a refund of received Merchandise if damaged or shipped incorrectly. Notice of condition shall be given within five (5) days of receipt of Merchandise provided with a picture of received merchandise. Refunds will be issued to the Customer’s card that correlates with the order.

What's the shipping time? 
Orders will be shipped via United States Postal Service. Orders generally ship within three to five (1-3) days of purchase. If more lead time is needed, Customer will be notified within two (2) days. Customer will be responsible for all Merchandise shipping and handling expenses, including (if applicable), customs clearance, import/export fees, freight risks and insurance, and Customer may be required to act as the importer of record for international shipments. Customer must notify Seller of any claimed shipping error or damages within five (5) days of receipt of Merchandise. Customer’s failure to give such notice within five (5) days shall be deemed a waiver of Customer's claim for incorrect or damaged shipments.